Helping Individuals & Organizations Navigate Change

I specialize in helping business leaders improve leadership skills, create effective teams, optimize organizational culture, as well as clarify and implement strategic vision through highly effective, affordable individual Coaching, team trainings, and organizational consulting. Call 786-201-4543 to discuss your leadership and organizational goals.


I recognize how difficult it can be to ask for help. I also firmly believe that this is the most critical first step in the healing and change process. I provide psychotherapy services for adult individuals and couples in a professional, collaborative and confidential environment. Call today and let me help you cultivate greater mental, emotional and spiritual health in your personal life, relationships and the workplace.

“Brad’s style is one of discovery, not discourse. He doesn’t show you the way – he gives you the tools to find it for yourself. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom, his insight, and his unwavering commitment to my personal success.”


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