3 Pillars of Leadership Training

This training will provide participants with a working knowledge of some of the best leadership principles, tools, and applications. Participants will learn three core components of effective leadership: self-awareness/self efficacy, the ability to execute, and leading others. Participants will translate these components into practical individualized action plans as well as organizational and team-building strategies. This training is ideal for any business leaders, entrepreneur or manager who is interested in expanding their leadership tool kit and wants to learn how to adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

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Learning Objectives

  • Self-Awareness/Efficacy
    • Determine your specific Leadership Style
    • Role of personality style
    • Immunity to Change process
    • Flow, Focus and Preventing Self Sabotage
  • Execution Agility
    • Leverage your 3 Leadership Instincts
    • Role of Emotional Intelligence
    • Action planning
  • Leading Others
    • Essentials of Effective Teams
    • Role of Social Intelligence
    • Motivation, Feedback and Trust
    • Adaptive Leadership Skills
    • Situational Leadership Principles and Best Practices
    • Psychological Safety
    • Double Loop Learning


Date: March 11, 2017

Time: 9AM-5PM

Center for Social Change
2nd Floor Conference Room
2103 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL 33145