Each of the Coaching Packages below focuses on the individual goals of the client. Please complete the following Initial Contact Form here and a Coaching Proposal will be sent to you.

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C Suite Immersion Coaching. Typically a C-suite executive or member of the senior executive team. This is an intensive program utilizes 360 feedback, personality assessment, critical work performance skills, and intensive coaching and instructions, that focuses on clients’ uniques businesses challenges, goals and behaviors. Contact me for me information and details. 1 Year program.

Targeted Skills Coaching. Focusing on specific “soft skills” such as communication or conflict management, presentations, giving feedback, etc. Minimum 90 days.

360 Feedback/Development with Follow-Up Coaching. An in-depth 360-degree assessment in which colleagues are interviewed about client’s work performance/leadership style. Written report and feedback provided by Coach. Follow Up coaching sessions to focus on targeted goals and behaviors. 3-6 Months.

Leadership Effectiveness Coaching. A Full coaching engagement focused on improving leadership or managerial performance in the context of client’s current job. 6-9 months.

Transition Coaching. Coaching program aimed at helping newly hired or promoted manager or executive to help them make an efficient and productive transition to a new role. 3-6 months


  • Enneagram Personality Assessment. This is a highly accurate tool for predicting and improving work performance behavior.
  • 360 Assessment. Work colleagues are interviewed, whom you select, about your leadership style and work performance. This feedback is delivered to you by the Coach to help you identify both positive and negative work performance behaviors.
  • Written 360 Feedback Report. The feedback is compiled into a written report, providing immensely valuable information and insights for the coaching process.
  • Awareness to Action™ (A2A) Process. This is commonly used in corporate and business environments. A2A consists of a practical three-step process that will guide you from initial insights regarding you personality into practical, everyday applications to accelerate your performance and leadership.
  • Performance Improvement Strategies. You will be recommended specific behavioral strategies to improve the goals you target. You will also be given techniques to makes shifts in your thinking, emotions and beliefs.
  • Coaching Session Summaries. Following each session, you will receive a summary of the coaching session with discussion points, recommendations, and supplemental resources.
  • Additional Assessments. Depending on the goals of the client, your Coach may recommend other assessments including an Emotional Intelligence, Stress Assessment, etc.