Executive Coaching

Making Everyone a Leader

Executive Coaching is a solution-focused, high-impact way to make lasting changes in your leadership style and work performance. Leadership style and work performance is largely determined by your core personality type. Effectively leveraging the strengths and improving the blind-spots of your personality type is critical to effective leadership. Executive Coaching provides structure, goal setting, accountability and support to help you improve your leadership and work performance.


Most coaching approaches often focus on behavioral solutions that don’t stick without addressing the internal attitudes and paradigms of the client. I use a highly effective and accurate personality tool called the Enneagram to help you become aware of your leadership strengths, blindspots and developmental areas as well as guide you through the Awareness to Action process to help create real shifts in both internal thinking/feeling and observalbe behaviors.

  • Crystal Clear Awareness: You will become completely clear about your leadership style, personality strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth. You will identify your primary leadership instinct and how to calibrate the others more effectively.
  • Author Your Story: You will learn to identify, detach from and cut through the “BS” of any internal narratives, stories belief systems, etc. that are getting in the way of or sabotaging your goals.
  • Action: You will learn effective behavioral strategies to create sustainable changes. You will learn goal planning, effective execution, time management skills and how to enter creative/flow states in your work performance.
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Consulting Clients Include:

Daikin Applied
Kaplan University
TD Bank
Merryl Lynch
SMG Worldwide
Mary Kay
The Smithsonian
Johnson & Johnson
Likeable Local
Arch Insurance
Young Presidents & Entrepreneurs Organization
Florida International University
Optfirst Internet Marketing

Rosenfield Accounting
Center for Social Change
Goldman Properties
Eagle Management
Elkus Manfredi
Mela Artisans
Vidal & Associates
Children’s Museum